The More the Merrier!

Hawaiian Warriors are a hospitable bunch, and we welcome all guests to our reunion
activities. Our attendance has dwindled in the last few years, so it is important we beef it up to enable us to negotiate affordable block room rates, banquet and hospitality space. 

One example:  If 50+ people attend our Squadron Banquet this year, we will avoid a $550 charge for the hotel Banquet space.  So, if you have friends, relatives or other Navy* acquaintances that would enjoy participating in the VP-28 Reunion, please consider bringing/inviting them to Las Vegas so they can participate and enjoy all of our activities. 

*(Many Hawaiian Warriors served in other Squadrons and developed strong friendships while serving in those units. Other Squadrons may not have organized reunions so perhaps we could find some folks who have interest in joining us at our gatherings)