Patrol Squadron 28 Reunion - Washington, DC

(June 30, 2020)



    Due to the health concerns brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and the ever-changing CDC and state guidelines, the 2020 VP-28 Reunion has been moved to 2021.

    We re-negotiated with the Holiday Inn National Airport, Washington, DC to postpone this year's Reunion and move it to August 25-29, 2021.  Fortunately, we were able to keep the same pricing for the 2021 event including room rates, facilities plus banquet fees, free breakfast and parking.

    The Holiday Inn is unable to take take reservations now for the 2021 Reunion.  You'll be notified by email when you can reserve individual rooms for 2021, and a posting will be added to this website.

   Our 2021 goal is to maintain the same activity schedule as planned for the 2020 Reunion. We'll be doing our best to re-plan and re-negotiate for discounted tickets for those events. When completed, the final 2021 Reunion page will be re-published and you can proceed with booking your hotel room and registering with the squadron. Email(s) will be sent to keep you in the loop.

   If you have not provided us your contact information for the Squadron Roster, please Click Here and submit your information - especially your email address.  Remember,  if you've changed your email address recently and not notified us, you will not receive the emails.

Best Wishes,


Reunion Coordinator George Warner - (517-526-1392)